"We had a lovely experience! So much education, I had no idea how to get rid of lice! I'll never buy OTC products again! The head lice prevention line they carry is awesome, smells good too! Thanks ladies!!"

~ Jessica, Mom of 3

 "Absolutely love this place, one of my child’s friend found nits on there hair and they had been over the day before we took kids there to be checked they were all clear!! was so worth it!! Totally recommend even just to be checked by a professional eyes!!"

~ Gina, Mom of 3

"Laurene is the best!  A friend of mine went to a competitor and spent almost 2X what we paid.  I couldn't detect on my child but Laurene found right away.  Thank goodness there is a great place like this.  I wouldn't feel confident that I got it all.  Laurene put my fears to rest and did a great job!  Can't say enough good things about this place :) "

~ Wendy, Mom of 4

"Laurene and her staff make what feels like the end of the world feel super manageable. They can take a three year old and keep her entertained for 3 hours while they comb her hair strand by strand. They made us feel relaxed and at home. The shop is cute and located right off the highway.  One visit and a couple of follow up checks and we were good to go. I didn't have to go crazy cleaning my house or combing my child's hair.  They use all natural products that smell good. We didn't even mess around with a home treatment. I texted Laurene on a Sunday (holiday weekend) and she replied almost immediately and could see us the same day.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I highly recommend the Littlest Lice Shop."

~ Alayna, Mom of 2

"Literally dealt with my daughter having head lice for about 3 months. It would just come back and come back again! Cleared by town nurses, doctors AND treated with Nixx, and Laurene STILL found a live louse and nits in her hair, and even some nits in MY hair. I was going just to have a head check to ease my mind and there they were!! Losing my mind for months, we were both treated and have been lice free ever since! Without Laurene and her team, my daughter and I would still be dealing with this!! Doing $60 of laundry every other week! It was a nightmare until their team helped us! WORTH EVERY DIME!"

~ Faren, Mom of 2

 I visited this shop in September 2016 after panic and horror that we had lice. I was horrified and upset that I failed my 5yr old. I had no idea what to do. I did my own treatment on her (6-8hours of combing!) and felt like I got it. But then I found it in my hair and I knew I could never do it myself . I googled and found this shop. Who knew,right? The owner had just opened the shop and was able to schedule me first thing in the morning, she was so accommodating and great about it on the phone. She was so kind and helpful and seemed interested in educating me about lice more than making a quick dollar. I quickly realized how passionate she was about lice and helping people find a cost effective treatment. At my follow up appointment I brought my daughter and she checked her for a very reasonable price and we were both lice free. I decided next time I would have her do both of us and save the time I spent on my kid's hair. The shop itself is clean, organized and bright and open. This is such a kid friendly place with a TV and an area for kids to play with toys and books that are provided. There are also ring pops for the kids, snacks and juice boxes. I would highly recommend this shop to everyone. There is no reason to fight lice by yourself. Also, she has the best products in her shop and they are chemical free. Even if you can't afford her treatments, go there to buy the comb and the treatment if you are doing it at home. DO NOT GO TO CVS! Ironically, we got lice again in September 2017, and I was so excited to go and visit my favorite lice shop. She now has several employees who are just as passionate, kind and helpful. Had a great visit and I guess I'll see you guys again in Sept 18? Thank you to the owner for opening this business, you are amazing!!! 

~ Vicki, Mom of 1 

(and 1st official client of The Littlest Lice Shop!)

Lice Removal Reviews in West Bridgewater

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