Lice is gross. Who in the world would choose to go into the lice business? And is "lice" really a business?

Yes, yes, and oh yes, most definitely.

My name is Laurene and I'm the founder of The Littlest Lice Shop and Let's Learn About Lice (our free informational website).

Not only is lice a legitimate business, but I love what I do! I'm not grossed out by your child's head - there's no judgment here - lice is a thing that happens and I'm the one here to help get those nits right out of your hair!


I also hold two lice removal certifications including the Shepherd Method. I was trained and certified by Katie Shepherd, from the Shepherd Institute, in The Shepherd Method™ of Strand-by-Strand Nit and Lice Removal. The Shepherd Method™ is a safe, non-toxic means of treating head lice. It utilizes a strand by strand technique that ensures that every hair has been examined and all lice evidence have been removed.


After battling head lice twice with my twins, I saw the potential to help other families going through the panic I went through. To date, I've personally helped hundreds of families get rid of their head lice and get the kids back to school the next day.

I'm proud to partner with doctors offices, camps, schools, child care facilities and community centers to assist in educating our parents and caregivers with the best, most up-to-date information about head lice. With so many myths out there on the internet, who knows what to believe? Let us help. We love to go to health fairs, speak to nurses and even offer child care professional development credit hours! We want to partner with you. Contact us for more information.

Come visit us in West Bridgewater or we can come to you!

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